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September 18, 2014

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

All the hallmarks of fall are here. Temperatures are cooling, leaves are changing colors, everything you eat, drink or clean your toilet with is "Pumpkin Spice" flavored. And the Big Ass Knits start rolling out.

Brace yourselves, folks. It's a long haul until springtime.

September 14, 2014

September 12, 2014

September 11, 2014

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

Is this why people hate math?

September 9, 2014

Today's hat. Alfalfa from The Fibre Co. Knit in Malabrigo. #rosekimknits

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September 8, 2014

I Also Made Yarn

I recently inventoried my fiber stash and got it all on Ravelry. It is sobering, my friends, sobering indeed. In addition to coming to grips with the massive quantities of wool in my stash I also notice a zillion (slight exaggeration) little bits of fiber samples from classes, events, etc. I spun a few up this past week and plied them. When I ran out of one I grabbed a bobbin of some other driblet of singles in my bag of tiny bobbins with minute amounts of singles on them. I ended up with one these three skeins.

New yarn made this week

Nothing was labeled so I'm guessing here that the blue/green skein (the big one) is wool and wool/silk. The middle skein appears to have some bamboo. The skein on the left is just wool...maybe?

September 7, 2014

Plantar Fasciitis + Single Skein September = Hugely Productive Month

As you've probably noticed from some of the photos I've been sharing from my Instagram, I've been making a lot of stuff. I've been benched after a doctor confirmed that I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot. I've been told to severely limit my time spent on my feet. Since I work in retail that pretty much means I am spending all of my time outside of work on my butt. Add to that a determination to really hit do up Single Skein September and a stash sale/swap at Purlygirls where I was given a lot of oddballs and partial skeins for charity knitting and you've got yourself a recipe for productive knitting.

Items I've knit include Coldstream and Wylam from Head to Toe: Kids' Knit Accessories both made in Ultra Alpaca.


Today's hat finished at Purlygirls. Wylam by Katya Frankel.

I love, love, love this book. I've knit several hats from it now and it's just a great little book for charity knitting and knitting for kids in that often overlooked group (pattern-wise) who are between toddler and adult. The patterns are nicely unisex too. Love!


This is the Garter Ear Flap Hat from Purl Bee in a single skein of Frog Tree Merino. I made the second size but ran out of yarn so I ripped back took out some of the plain rows near the end of the decreases. It's a really soft, squishy hat. Great little pattern.

Yet another helix stripe scrap hat. I still love knitting these. Watching the colors and textures mix in new ways each time keeps them interesting.

A few hour sitting on my butt and voilà! #rosekimknits

Here is the Elven Cloche from Romi Hill's The Great Oddments Knitdown. This is a very fast and entertaining knit. I am particularly pleased with it because I kind of made the yarn. I used three skeins of Knit Picks Palette (another friend's destash) and overspun them then plied them together. Then over-dyed them. Made a meaty, round yarn in a deep, complex color. This is a fun idea if you're a spinner and have some commercial yarn that leaves you cold.

Fairy Snowcap in better light but an awkward angle.

The Fairy Snowcap is also from Romi's book. Here's a view from the top. I knit it in Fleece Artist BFL Aran. I left off the pompom because I have just enough yarn left to knit a second hat.

That's a pretty good first week, I think.

Last night's baby hat, Otis (free on Ravelry) in Malabrigo Rios. #singleskeinseptembet #rosekimknits

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September 6, 2014

September 5, 2014

A few hour sitting on my butt and voilà! #rosekimknits

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September 4, 2014

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

"Whatcha doing, Susie?"
"Nothing much. Just hanging out. In my knit tube. With my head encased in yarn."