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April 30, 2006

The Last Detail

I consider myself a thoughtful gift giver. I choose gifts carefully and never give generic presents. However, I suck at gift wrapping. Nowadays as I slap paper over a present and shake my head at what a mess I'm making I hope that the recipient will assume that the boys were "helping" me with the wrapping. My last two sock pal socks were unceremoniously stuffed into a mailing envelope and sent off. Ditto for Secret Pal gifts. Stuff and send. I thought this round I would try to be more thoughtful in my presentation.

Here you can see my sock trying to escape from a gusseted envelope made from some very pretty handmade embossed paper. I added some tiny square eyelets and tied it shut with some of the leftover sock yarn.

Early this morning I headed to Sea-Tac (ick) to go to the Seattle Knitting Expo. Things were awfully quiet there and the vendors didn't seem too happy. There were some great vendors there but the space was badly arranged and things felt disjointed and awkward. I made several passes. Eventually I picked up these two skeins of naturally dyed alpaca/wool blend. They were a real steal.

I'm very happy with them.

Then I went to Kaci and Tina's booth. They were the stars of the show with their great colors and textures. They have five new spring colors of Socks That Rock. I got two.


Chapman Springs

I was commenting to a co-worker that I had thought this would be my year for socks but so far I think I've only finished my sock pal socks and two pairs of teeny baby socks. In fact, I don't feel like I've finished much of anything so far this year. My Olympic project is still far from complete. Durrow is a wash out. (Thanks for the condolences. I'm not sad about it at all. It was the wrong sweater for Wes but I tried to ignore that because I thought it would be fun to knit. And it was fun to knit. And now I'll rip it out and make a sweater Wes will actually wear.) Hopefully finishing the afghan (68 squares done) will feel like such an enormous accomplishment that it will eradicate any feeling of inadequacy.

April 29, 2006

Durrow, Prepare to Meet Thy Maker

Oh right, that's me.

let 'er rip!

Well Durrow. It's been a fun ride. I enjoyed the mindlessness of knitting your 4 x 2 ribbing around and around and around. I enjoyed your Celtic cables. And now that you're nearly complete? I hate your freaking guts. You don't fit well. Your ribbing draws in too much. Your sleeves are too skinny. I don't like your shoulders. So prepare to be ripped. I broke the news to Wes. He said, "I wouldn't wear it until winter anyway so whatever." Heartbroken, as you can tell. I just wish when I ripped out the sweater that I could pull out all the time I spent knitting it. It would be nice to have that back.

April 28, 2006

Sunny Window

My New England socks in Koigu

Zasu, you're blocking my light!

64 squares

April 27, 2006

Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?

Dear Onlinie Editors,
After reviewing your recent designs I think that it's time to institute random drug testing for the design staff.

Really, who's going to wear a cardigan made from sound insulation?

Checklist for the perfect poncho. Horrible colors. Check. Mismatched patterns. Check. Disks with tassels. Check.

More sound insulation only this time over the mesh. Great...

I think my grandmother's best friend used to wear a top like this when we'd go down to the pool when I'd visit them in Miami in the mid-70s.

Aw hell, I give up.

April 26, 2006

April 25, 2006

Ah Ha!

Thanks to Denise's comment I realized that my wheel has a replacement drive belt that is the incorrect one. I found a photo online of how the belt should be set up which now makes perfect sense.

See the drive belt and how it goes around one drum in one direction and the other direction around the other? Eureka!

The Whole Carder Story

I bought the wheel on eBay. I paid immediately. I got an email from the seller that it would take a few extra days because her husband had to have emergency surgery. Don't they always. I started to feel a little ill and worried that I just lost $250. What do you know, the carder actually arrived! In pieces. I contacted the seller. There were lots of emails and phone calls and so many trips to the post office I have completely lost track. It turned out the seller didn't insure the carder for the full price I paid. Only for $200. I managed to find a very, very kind gentleman in Oregon, who is apparently a master at restoring wheels and fixing things like carders, to write a repair estimate based on photos I sent. He was so kind he did it over Thanksgiving weekend. His repair estimate was for a little under $100. So I figured, with luck, that I would get a little under $100 from the post office and try to fix the carder myself. Otherwise I would have had to hand the carder over to those bastards at the post office (not a slur against all postal workers just the complete pricks I was stuck dealing with at my post office). So I would be out $50 and have nothing to show for it but a seething rage. During this time I also submitted a complaint through Paypal which I was prepared to drop when or if the post office came through. I started to get many angry emails from the seller because her Paypal account was frozen pending investigation. She also accused me of trying to double dip and get money from both the PO and Paypal. Imagine my surprise when a check for $200 came from the post office! At last, resolution! I immediately notified Paypal, emailed the seller and considered the matter done. Except for fixing the carder which Wes promised he would do before New Year's Eve. He's a little behind on chores. The piece that fell off last night was just the knob for the drive belt which makes a lot more sense now that I see it was the wrong belt. I'm really hoping I can get this sucker working. It will be such a huge waste of emotional energy if I can't. And I will never, ever make a large purchase on eBay ever, ever again. And if any of you catch me thinking about it remind me about sitting in my car crying after every trip to the post office. Bastards...

Afghan Coma

I'm working on square #60. I have 20 to go. I have a severe case of the blahs but I'm feeling too lazy to pick up a project that requires thinking or even consciousness.

Wes spent a bit of time over the weekend fixing my broken drum carder. He got all the cracks under control but when we tried the carder it wasn't working. We studied photos online and puzzled over it all night. Maybe someone can help.

When you're looking at the side of the carder with the handle both drums teeth go this way:
((((( ((((((((((
In my limited drum carding experience I remember turning the handle clockwise and having the fiber get pulled in under the small drum. When I turn my handle clockwise the teeth pull the fiber up, over the small drum and then it floats to the floor (the fiber, not the drum). As we studied and tried to adjust the drums distance from one another a new piece broke off the carder. Perhaps this wasn't meant to be.

April 24, 2006

More Drive By Blogging

The sale at the shop was HUGE. By closing Sunday evening we were all pretty brain-dead and worn out. We all just sat and knit for the last hour--between helping customers. I went to my friend's house to babysit and spent the evening sitting on the back steps knitting an afghan square while the kids ran around in the back yard. I keep losing count of how many squares I've completed. I recounted last night. I have 57. I've been feeling guilty about not working on my sweaters or my socks but I'm really just grooving with the afghan squares right now. I know it doesn't make for the most interesting blogging though. Sorry.

I was looking through this week's Whiplash entries. The theme is "Your Surly Side." I pretty much only have a surly side so I was really looking forward to the entries. I fell deeply in love with the Scowler Monkey. The eyes look just like my older son's when he's angry. The likeness is uncanny. And this entrant gets the prize for ballsiest move. I'm not sure if it's for real or not but it's certainly surly. I need to find a way to participant in one of these. Unfortunately my weekends are really busy with work and kids and tons and tons of stuff. Maybe next week I can find some time.

I put up a photo of the truck with the faux testicles, in case you were wondering what I was talking about.

I also signed up for this.

April 22, 2006

Brain Dump

On Friday I spent the day with my younger son. We made a trip to the mall where I saw many strange people and things.

Example A: Enormous faux testicles hanging off the bumper of the truck. I had heard about them but never seen them. I tried to snap a photo while driving across the 520 bridge. I really can't say I recommend trying to blog while driving. I have to wonder...what exactly are the fake balls supposed to say about the driver of the truck? Because to me they say, "I'm (emotionally) neutered and have to compensate by hanging a big dangly pair off the back of my stupid ass truck." I'm guessing this isn't the vibe they're aiming for.

Example B: I saw a man who was so obviously abusing steroids and a tanning booth that I actually laughed out loud when I saw him. It's quite hard to convey how absurd and non-human this man appeared. He was wearing some very 80s-style designer jeans and a plastered-on t-shirt. He was several shades more fake-baked than, say, Jessica Simpson. His upper arms were easily larger than the torso of a ten year old boy with enormous bulging veins. In short, he was a repulsive freak. But clearly he had crafted himself into a repulsive freak and looked very proud of himself. As in Example A I fail to understand just what message this person is trying to send.

Example C: All the women at the mall seems to be in matching pairs. There were the two 20-somethings in matching velour sweatsuits (so two years ago) and matching blonde hairstyles. There were the two forty-something women wearing pretty much the same shirt and jeans with identical red hair. There were the two sixty-something out shoe shopping wearing matching black pants, loud print jackets, reinforced toe stocking and sport sandals.

It all started to feel pretty surreal.

Wes and I had a fabulously delicious dinner at Le Pichet for my birthday. We split four small plates of composed salads, sausage and frites and insanely delicious broiled eggs with shrimp in a lobster cream. So, so good. Then we went out for coffee and chocolates.

Today I worked at the sale at the shop all day. Things were hopping. There was a special preview last night for preferred customers and the shop was looking pretty picked over when I got there. I spent most of the day trying to keep the shelves full of yarn. Then Wes and I went to see Thank You for Smoking which was just brilliantly sharp and funny. We also grabbed dinner and walked around the neighborhood for a while in search of dessert.

Tomorrow we're going for a family birthday breakfast at the Original Pancake House. They just opened one near us. Wes and I used to go to one in Hyde Park in Chicago a lot when we lived there. In fact, we had our first breakfast together there. After breakfast I'm off to work and then straight to a friend's after work to babysit.

As you can imagine, I didn't knit much today. I'm still focused on afghan squares. I've lost track of how many I have now. Around 55.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Have a happy Sunday!

April 21, 2006

Busy Birthday Weekend

It's been a pretty full day of mom type stuff already. Wes and I are headed out to dinner. I'll be working all day tomorrow and Sunday at the Fiber Gallery's big anniversary sale. And also going out Saturday night and babysitting Sunday night. God, I'm tired already.

Best Laugh of the Day

Franklin posted a hilarious cartoon today.

April 20, 2006

Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?

Clare Tough has been hailed as "the future of British fashion" after producing designs like this one last year. She has since been hired by Rowan and Liberty. How are things with Clare a year later?

Grim. Positively grim.

What is this poor girl wearing? And haven't we seen it a few times before?

And this is so flattering with all the mesh and the texture and the triangle pointing at your ass.

Doesn't the look on this model's face say it all?

Clare, honey, you're killing me with this shit. What the hell is all this?

April 19, 2006


April 18, 2006


Did Katie give birth to an alpaca?

To the Young Lady at the Grocery Store

I'm sure you're size XXXS babydoll t-shirt normally looks really cute on you, showing off just a hint of your tummy, but now that you are seven months pregnant wearing that shirt makes you look like Cletus's wife, Brandine, from The Simpsons. It may be time to invest in some maternity clothes.

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday's not until Friday but I've been shopping around for my gift (Wes deferred gift procuring responsibility). I wanted a portable spinning wheel. I love my Ashford Traditional but it's a pain in the ass to lug it around to spinning events. I tried out a few options, Lendrum single and double treadle and an Ashford Joy. The Lendrum double treadle was very smooth but I really don't like having to sit up straight facing the wheel. The Joy just didn't do it for me. I couldn't get a rhythm going with it and it felt a little tight and clunky. The Lendrum single was just right. I can sit in my usual slumped manner with one foot up but it still spins smoothly and quietly. I did learn to spin originally on a Lendrum I borrowed from my boss. So I decided that a Lendrum single treadle wheel would suit my needs nicely. I checked at my local shop--no Lendrums until at least June. I called Woodland Woolworks. No Lendrum single treadles in stock but would I be interested in a used wheel? Would I?! They sent me a photo.

As you can see the flyer has been replaced. No biggie. It's just want I need. No more and no less. And at a bargain price.

April 17, 2006

New Web Ring

Join | List | Previous | Next | Random

I'd love to show you my New England sock but I left my camera in the car. I heartlessly cast it aside when I renewed my love affair with afghan squares. I'm up to 47!

April 16, 2006

Easter Edition of What's the Hell is This?

Happy Easter everyone!

April 15, 2006

Famous Moments in Mom History

Saturday Morning Before Easter

Mom: Are you sure you don't want to bring your coats to the egg hunt? It's cold outside.
Children: No.
(Seven minutes later. Phone rings.)
Mom: Hello.
Dad: Can you bring over their coats?

Every. Freaking. Time.

April 14, 2006

New Interweave Preview

It's up. I'm so happy it's not 93,448 tank tops like last summer (and the summer before that).

But I would like the name of the editor who approved this photo.

Appetite for Destruction

Hugo looks all sweet and innocent, doesn't he? Don't be fooled. He's struggling with a serious addiction and it's turned him into a killing machine. He's hooked on the hard stuff. Hard plastic toys, that is.

A few weeks ago I found a chewed up dinosaur in the hall. This has become a daily event. I keep reminding the children to a) clean up their toys and b) close the playroom door but since when do children listen. Each day he's grown bolder. He waltzes right in while the children are playing and dips into the ever shallower bucket of dinosaurs. He's eaten Randall's hands off, a gorilla's legs and countless other helpless creatures but today's carnage really takes the cake.

The little stinker even tried to go back into the playroom while I was in the hall cleaning all this up.

I Swear I Was Only Looking for Needles

Parkside Wool in Bellevue closes for good on Saturday. I stopped in today to see if I could find a 60" size 4 circular (nope) but was surprised to see lots of good stuff still left on the shelves at 50% off. There was Cotton Classic, the yarn I'm using for my afghan. I got 11 skeins.

And I couldn't leave this Frog Tree Alpaca behind. It's so pretty.

April 13, 2006

Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?

Well, it's happened again. These darned knitwear designers just can't help ripping one another's designs off.

Here's a Trendsetter design. Mouse over for the copycat.

April 12, 2006


I feel like I've been hibernating for the last week. I haven't seen anyone, talked to anyone. I couldn't take it anymore and took the kids to the grocery store this afternoon. When I put on my shoes they felt so odd. It took me about 30 minutes to adjust to wearing shoes again. I have been sick for too long.

My voice is starting to come back a bit. Wes asked if I was going to Seattle Stitch n' Bitch tonight. No, I said, I'm trying to save my voice. But then I realized, if I don't get out of this damned house I will kill someone (or something, Zasu, I'm looking in your direction). So I went.* And I talked too much. I hope I can still talk tomorrow because I hope to actually go to work for the first time in a week.

*Finished some more afghan squares.

Happy Passover

Via Chow blog.

April 11, 2006

Proof of Life

I'm not dead. I feel like dying but I'm not dead. Today's newest wrinkle is that in addition to still feeling like crap, I've lost my voice. But don't feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for my children stuck at home on spring break with their ill mute mother. I've been letting them watch TV and play computer games all day because I can't muster any energy to do anything else with them. I've been sitting at my computer knitting afghan squares and weeping my eyes out over the last two disks of the final season of Six Feet Under.

That's five sets of four squares that have been seamed so far. Thirty-three and a half squares knit total.

April 10, 2006

Mason-Dixon Inspiration

I was supposed to work today. I dropped the kids off at their respective childcares and went to the store. My boss took a hard look at me and said, "Are you sure you don't want to go home?" I stayed for a little while to give her time to pick up some lunch and then headed out. Since I have been reading Ann and Kay's book I have been feeling guilty about my Psychedelic Squares Afghan. I started this thing in August of 2004 and I've only got 31 squares knit! I was aiming for 100 but Kay made hers with 80. The last time I worked on it was in July! Since I didn't think I had the wherewithal to knit cables or lace today I grabbed up my bag of squares and worked on seaming them while watching Hustle & Flow. I managed to get two sets of four squares seamed. At this rate I should be done in December of 2009.

My son came into my room this morning. I told him happily that he wasn't five anymore, he was six! He cried.

April 9, 2006

Three Hours Later...

and two bags of IV fluids, some steroids, antibiotics and pain killers, I am home. I have a sinus infection and was pretty badly dehydrated. I got really nice treatment from the doctors and nurses. I was worried they would think I was being a baby. I always worry about this. Anyway, I'm feeling a bit better and have a purse full of prescriptions to fill tomorrow. Hopefully I'm on the road to recovery. Thanks for all the good wishes.

When Will It End?

I am not feeling better. In fact after a rally yesterday where I felt half-way normal I crashed and feel so incredibly ill today that I'm going to the emergency room later tonight. Poor Wes. Today was my youngest son's sixth birthday party and while I lay in bed moaning (or snoring, as Wes pointed out), he got to frost the cake, clean the bathrooms, vacuum, play host, etc. I was pretty much useless. I came down for the first hour of the party. Fortunately, it was the most low-key birthday party in the history of birthday parties. Three guests, a bowl of popcorn, no planned activities and a little cake. We didn't even have goody bags. But it was definitely better for my son that way since he gets overwhelmed by too much activity. Wes is at a meeting right now. I just have to stay upright and make sure the children don't hurt themselves until he gets home. Then off to the ER.

I did manage to knit a few inches of the New England socks yesterday. But there is one crazy, honkin' huge yarn over in there. Not really sure what happened. I think I need to rip them back but I don't trust myself in my fuzzy-headed state to pull 70 teeny stitches off size 0 needles and successfully get them all back on.

April 8, 2006

Not a Good Start to the Day

7 AM: The dog jumps out of bed and proceeds to throw up all over the bedroom floor.
8 AM: Our 7 year old son comes into the bedroom and proceeds to throw up all over the bedroom floor.

I still can't breathe. At least I can't smell. The day has got to improve from here.

April 7, 2006


Giant socks and a small cat or

small socks and a giant cat?

I have been feeling pretty useless today. I picked up Durrow but I don't trust myself to work on it right now. On Wednesday night I realized I had made a mistake and ripped out everything I knit that day. Once I finished ripping I realized that, no, I hadn't made a mistake. Very fuzzy-headed here at Rose-Kim Knits right now. So I picked up the almost completely done baby socks I started several weeks ago. As you can see I ran out of green Koigu and used some leftover Nature's Palette to finish the socks. Not the most elegant thing ever but not horrific. Now that I've freed up my size 0 needles I can finally start my New England socks from the Knitting on the Road Knitalong in some pretty mauve Koigu. They were supposed to be done by the end of March. I'm very behind.

If You Need Me I'll Be In Bed...

...with Ann and Kay.
Ugh, sick. Got sent home from work yesterday. Can't eat. Can't sleep. Can't knit. Just watched TV. Tried to read but couldn't focus on the words. I'll just keep the book next to me to keep me company.

April 6, 2006

Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?

Dear Gedifra Designers,

What the hell is this?

Seriously, what am I looking at here? I've got a turban and then-- what is that-- a tank top with a dewlap? What is happening here? I'm so terribly confused.

It makes this fun fur bolero with no shirt seem somewhat reasonable...

...if you're a pole dancer.

Is this a costume for the new production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Bathrobe?

This tank is a real head-scratcher.

What exactly is happening with these shoulders?

It's like a rejected costume from Mork and Mindy. Shazbut, that's ugly!


I'm sore, clammy, stuffed up and can't swallow. Ick.

April 5, 2006

In a Spinning Mood

After all the good spinning vibes I picked up on Sunday I decided to spend some time at my wheel yesterday. As happens with spinning, "some time" quickly extends to "hours and hours." I finished spinning the CVM (California Variegated Mutant) I got from my spinning instructor in November. During class I teased it out and ran it through the drum carder twice causing a mountain of chaff and dust and dirt to fall out. The chaff just kept on coming though. As I spun this my legs, wheel and floor would get blanketed with chaff. After a while I found it very entertaining to see just how much crap would fall out of the fleece. And there's still a lot in there. I tried to pick out the big bits while I was spinning it but I know it's still pretty chaffy. I did a seriously fast and loose long draw on it and Navajo plied it all up. I ended up with 156 yards of heavy worsted weight yarn.

It's very soft and sproingy. I like it.

I also started spinning the Lincoln/Romney cross. It has very little crimp. I have flick carder and dog brushed the locks and was trying to spin it as a glossy worsted (it's very white and shiny). But it's so slippery I'm having a hard time keeping it together without twisting it hard as a rock. So I'm letting the fibers get a little more muddled and it's much easier to spin but not as glossy. I'll live.

In knitting, I'm starting the neckline on Durrow. I did a little reading up on troubles people had with the neck being too large. I'm making my own problems by knitting it in the round. I've never done saddle shoulders in the round but blithely assumed that I'd be able to figure it out when I get there. And I can, but it might mean knitting and ripping a few times which isn't my favorite approach to take.

April 4, 2006


5 Year Old: Hey [big brother], want me to take a picture of your butt?
7 Year Old: Sure!
5 Year Old: Say cheese!

Bah Bah?

Anyone planning on going to Black Sheep? I'd love to share the ride down there with someone and could use some advice about where to stay, etc.

What's That Smell?

Sunday night, after all the spinning, working and potlucking* of the weekend, I walked into my kitchen. Something was not right. There was a very unpleasant odor. I quickly realized that it was coming from one of the hermit crabs. He had not moved in a long time. He had passed on. Just to be extra sure he was dead before I tossed him in the trash I put him and his tankmate into a container with water. Tankmate immediately perked up and started moving around. Deadcrab was still dead. I picked up Tankmate to place him back in his tank and he threw himself forward, nearly completely out of his shell, back toward the water. I put him back in the water. I tried to lift him again and again he reached for the water. It was as if he didn't want to leave Deadcrab. I managed to put Tankmate back in the tank and placed Deadcrab in a ceremonial grocery store produce bag usually saved to pick up dog poop. I started to spruce up the tank a little with some fresh food, water and some apple peels when I saw that Tankmate had gone over to the spot where Deadcrab died. He sat in that spot for most of the night before moving on to eat the apple peels. Was I imagining it? Do hermit crabs have any sense of community? Loss? In the morning I informed my son that one of the crabs was gone. He asked to view the remains. He wondered aloud if he could make a tombstone for Deadcrab but dismissed it because he realized he wasn't strong enough to carve stone. So Deadcrab was placed in a grocery bag and thrown in the garbage. Ah, the great circle of life.

* My spellcheck just tried to replace "potlucking" with "botulism."

April 2, 2006


**I forgot my camera today so I'll have to fake mock up some images for you.**

I woke up at 7am this morning. Normally this would be a big deal as I'm not a morning person. But with Daylight Savings and a late night last night it is a freaking miracle I got out of bed. But I did, then I gassed up the car, picked up a sandwich and a cup of coffee and headed to Molly's house. We piled all our spinning stuff into my car and took off for Oak Harbor. It's kind of a schlep up there (hour and a half ride up). But there was no traffic and we found our way to the Spin In pretty easily. As we pulled into Oak Harbor I saw a banner for a quilt show. I stared at it for a long time.

My mind reeled. There's a show that takes place on April 7th, 8th, 22nd and M???? What the hell could it mean? Molly finally came to my rescue by pointing out that 22nd & M sounds a lot like an address and not a date. We had a good laugh over that. Then it devolved into that uncontrollable, punchy laughter where it's not even funny anymore but you can't stop and now you're laughing because you can't stop laughing.

We found the spin in, registered, got some good seats and started to set up our wheels.

Molly's break band and peg (she's using my poop brown wheel) were missing. We both remembered seeing it in the car. She retraced her steps. I retraced her steps. We did it again. We made an announcement. We made another announcement. Nothing. I took the band and peg off my lazy kate and she made do. It was time for the main attraction--Judith Mackenzie. We were in a high school cafeteria. There were a lot of people there. Maybe over a hundred? It was quite different from the classes with Judith at Madrona. She spoke about primitive vs. improved breeds. We got samples of two types of Shetland and some Karakul to spin. She had lots of fleeces there for demonstration as well which she gave away at the end of the day. I didn't take any. I did, however, snap up one of her dye kits.

I went back a few times to The Artful Ewe's booth to touch the 80% merino/ 20% angora blend. After a few trips the woman in the booth tore off about a foot of the top and told me to go spin it up and see what I thought. I sat at my wheel with it for about seven seconds before I got my checkbook and went back. I asked for 8 oz. I was given 9 but only charged for 8 and that doesn't include the first chunk she gave me to play with. Thanks Artful Ewe!

The day went by much too fast and we had to pile back in the car with even more stuff. On the way to the car we found the break band and peg. We must have walked past it four times without seeing it in the grass by the parking lot. It was time to head home. Instead we went in the opposite direction for about 15 minutes. Finally we turned around and headed the right way home. At this point we were both so exhausted and punchy that we were laughing at pretty much anything. My favorite sightings were a Chinese restaurant that had just opened in a faux Dutch house complete with water wheel and windmill next door and a guy who I swear was the actual nunchuck guy from Ghost World.

Same mullet, no shirt, walking across a busy highway (possibly barefoot?) but I didn't see any nunchucks.

By the time I made it to potluck dinner number two for the weekend this evening I was ready to crash. I started working on the right front of the Knot & Cable Jacket but already screwed it up. Very tired.