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September 28, 2013

FO and WIP Roundup

I had a pile of FOs waiting to be photographed for ages. I finally pulled out the camera and, in typical Seattle fashion, the sky turned completely black. Here's the best I could do.

This is a hat knit from some of my first hand-dyed fiber. I think it's Coopworth. The pattern (loosely followed and not easily visible here) is Bobcap.

Here is one of my helix-stripe hats knit in bulky artyarn I spun in a class with Jacey Boggs several years ago at Madrona.

I knit this hat with some leftovers from my latest Retro Prep sweater knit in Dale Falk. The sweater still needs blocking and has some ends to weave in.

This cowl is called Solstice. It's by Janel Laidman. I got it as a kit with a skein of Lorna's Laces Sportmate a few years ago at TNNA. It's coming out, I recently noticed, impossibly small. Hmm...

I started a cowl that is simple enough to knit while walking with some Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Chunky. The pattern, Columbia Cowl, is by Cirilia Rose. It's free on Ravelry.

I am making some good progress on my Rorschach that I started by in August. Though there are still miles of garter stitch to go.

September 26, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

The Girl with the Pearl Earring. And a huge, honking hat. And the meat sweats.

September 19, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

Ooo, yeah baby. Handknit purses are so sexy!

They make me want to massage my calf so good.

September 13, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

A day late again. Sorry!

When the sweater you're trying to sell is just a HUGE, shapeless sack of garter stitch you need to liven things up with the poses.

Here's the "You Have the Right to Remain Silent."

Of you can opt for "October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month."

September 5, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

I hope I'm not boring anyone by banging the same old drum. Motif placement, people. Location, location, location. This matters. It really, really matters. Because one day, when you decide, "I'm going to turn my freeform crochet into a tank top," it would be nice if you choose a crocheted piece that didn't look like moldy bread. But it would also be good if it didn't appear as though you are a lactating basset hound with a raging case of mastitis.

Or, for the Orange Is the New Black fans out there, "You've got a little freeform on your nipnip."