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May 26, 2016

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

So many thoughts, guys.


You Can't Do That On Television.

Pan's Labyrinth.

But mostly I'm just thinking, "NO!"

May 23, 2016

After the Shawl

I finally finished Drachenfels!* It felt like it took forever to knit. And it kind of did. It was my only project, other than a few log cabin squares for all of April and the first two weeks of May. And now it's sitting in a crumpled ball waiting to be blocked.


The yarn, Cormo Sport by Elemental Affects, is delightful. It's soft but not mushy, makes crisp clear stitches and is springy as all get out. Seriously, I would sometimes get distracted while knitting and find myself just holding a length of it between my hands pulling it out and watching it spring back to shape. Boing, boing, boing. Delightful!

When I finished Drachenfels I couldn't decide what to do next. I need to dye more yarn before I can continue on my log cabin blanket. So, being me, I knit a few hats. I finished another X-ing X's  that I had cast on before going to the movies months ago (Zootopia? Probably.) 


Then I started another hat for a viewing of Captain America: Civil War. A two-toned affair.


Now I'm knitting a plain black, ribbed hat for a co-worker's husband. 


I have to pick out my next project. I'm deciding between the Honeylocust Loop and Waiting for Rain but if history teaches us anything I'll probably end up starting something completely different.

*I see that I never mentioned starting Drachenfels here. I started it. Then I knit it. Now it's done.

May 12, 2016

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

Summer is approaching and, based on skimming new patterns on Ravelry, that means chintzy crocheted tops are in! Honestly, I did not go looking for this subject. But when three iterations show up on the first two pages of Recently Added Patterns you have a trend on your hands, friends. Actually the trend appears to be on your boobs.

**Slightly NSFW Warning** 
Do not proceed if you will feel uncomfortable with your screen filling with breasts harnessed in myriad crocheted configurations. 
Personally it's the models' comfort I worry about. These can't feel good to wear, can they?

Okay...here we go...

The knitted version is slightly more tasteful.