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December 29, 2013

Uh...What Day Is It?

It only dawned in me last night that I completely missed last Thursday. I hate reading blog posts about, "Sorry I've been a bad blogger" but, damn, I have really fallen off the blog wagon.

We've been seeing a lot of movies in the last few days. We saw Catching Fire, American Hustle, Nebraska and Her. I recommend any and all of them.

Catching Fire was a slightly less dreary vision of Hunger Games than the first film but equally deft in its storytelling without spelling everything out for the audience. I don't know if absolutely all of it will make sense if you haven't read the books. I did overhear one woman on the way out of the theater saying she didn't understand what the ending meant. Maybe she was one of the many, many people in the theater who talked during the whole film or got a phone call. Grrr...

American Hustle was, I felt, an ode to Scorsese and New York in the 70s. It's slick, gleeful film-making with some really amazing performances. Seeing Jennifer Lawrence in this back-to-back with Catching Fire really highlights how talented she is. She is hilarious in this movie. Everyone is great.

Nebraska is a quiet, sweet little movie. Director Alexander Payne (Election, Sideways, The Descendants) goes for simple, unembellished visual storytelling. Great performances all around in this one too with a mainly no-name cast. Not one that really needs to be seen on the big screen though.

Her was my favorite of them all. Spike Jonze has written and directed a wildly original story beautifully. The film is quite sublime and surprising. It doesn't have the really off the beam insane vibe of a movie like Adaptation. It takes a wild idea--a man falling love with an operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson--and tells a heartfelt, romantic and eye-opening story. Older Son saw all four films with me and this was his vote for best too.

While watching movies I've been knitting a few hats for charity. Nothing interesting, just plain stockinette.

Here's one.

But I am nearly finished with a cowl I started last week, Millwater knit in Mushishi. This is just what I need right now. Easy but not too dull.

December 20, 2013

Maize Again

Pattern: Maize
Yarn: Mystery yarn from the "free" box at my retreat last month, I think possibly Malabrigo Rios?
Needle: US6
Notes: Knitting these for a second time made me realize I hadn't followed the pattern correctly the first time! Whoops. I love the fit of these mitts. They are nicely snug especially around the fingers. They are lightweight but feel very warm to wear. 
I made these at Younger Son's request. He picked out the yarn and approved the pattern. When I showed them to him he balked and said he doesn't need them anymore. New mitts for me, I guess.

December 19, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

Oh, Janet E. is my special pet this week. She sent me something so outrageous that my children both independently exclaimed as they passed my computer, "What the hell is that?!" I suppose it's genetic.

Anyway, this little runway show slowly morphs from odd to unpleasant to the stuff that haunts my nightmares.

You'll see.

Tell me you won't be seeing this when you close your eyes tonight.


December 13, 2013

Thursday is Late...Again

I'm going to "put the blame on Mame." Last night Wes and I went to the annual holiday screening of one of my favorite films (possible three-way tie with Goodfellas and Annie Hall) of Auntie Mame starring the impeccable Rosalind Russel. If you don't know what I'm talking about please stop reading and run to a video rental store, if such a thing still exists, and get it. You might start with His Girl Friday to build your love of Rosalind to a fever pitch. Really...go.

But now I owe you a Thursday post so how about some lovely handcrafted chapeaux.

I think the mannequin may have torn off her own arms. I would.

December 9, 2013

Big Ten

Today is my blog's tenth anniversary. Wow. I want to thank all of you who stop by to read and who leave me comments. It means a lot to me.
Ten years. Wow.

December 5, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

I have spent all night searching Danish websites to understand where this photo came from and why. I came up empty. Which means we get to make up our own answer. Who are these two men and where are they headed? Explain it to me, folks.

November 28, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This

Whoops. I almost missed my annual Thanksgiving greeting.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2013


Pattern: Rainton from Head to Toes: Kids' Knit Accessories
Yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool in Aporto
Needle: US6
Size: Largest
Notes: Whoops. I didn't pay close enough attention and missed a line in the pattern. I knit the body of my hat in p1, k10 ribbing instead of alternating with plain knit rows. I also knit the ties until I ran out of yarn so they are much shorter than the ones called for in the book.

This hat is knit from the top-down instead of bottom-up for a change of pace.

November 22, 2013

Heads First

I received a copy of the ebook, Head to Toe: Kids' Knit Accessories by Katya Frankel. I can't remember the last time I got a knitting book and thought, "I want to knit every single pattern in this book." This collection, as the name suggests, features simple, stylish, gender-neutral accessories for kids of all ages (and small to medium-sized adults). The book in broken into sections--Head Things, Neck Things, Hand Things, and Foot Things. Since these are all child-sized accessories they are, for the most part, single skein projects and excellent stashbusters.

I dove into the Head Things section first. I got out my leftover Cascade Ecological Wool from my Rorschach Jacket (I think I still need to do a post on that) in Aporto, a gorgeous blue-green. First I made Duerger in the smallest size.

Here's the view from the top.

This is a simple beanie with twisted ribs running up the sides and raglan-like decreases at the crown for a slightly unusual shape. Very cute.

Then I continued to Simonside, in the largest size, a basic ribbed hat with a little swoosh-y cable on one side.

I still have a lot of yarn left. What to knit next?

November 21, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

I was walking through Walgreen's and was stopped dead in my tracks by this image. 

Whoa Nelly. That is a whole lot of wool.
Then I realized that this was a visual for a Hunger Games inspired makeup collection and this was supposed to represent District 8, Textiles. I know the Hunger Games is a worldwide phenomenon but makeup representing all the oppressed districts based on their industry and the whole "sexy oppressed worker" look seems a little off to me. Katniss describes District 8 as "an urban place stinking of industrial fumes with no greenery, the people housed in run down tenements, barely a blade of grass in sight." This look doesn't really convey that, does it? Plus this image is just the start to the wool madness. Check out the videos to see that this is actually a terrible hat plus 

Of course, this campaign is slightly less misguided than the Subway sandwich campaign. You know, sandwiches as a promotion for a movie about a world where children fight to the death in an effort to keep their families fed. Totally in excellent taste, Subway.

November 14, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

Darn it. I found the perfect Halloween costume just a bit too late.

I was going to be the Dread Pirate Roberts. Maybe next year...

November 11, 2013

100 Yards of Fun

I got Rebecca Danger's 50 Yards of Fun and I am hooked.

I started with Button Bigfoot. I didn't have any fun fur so I knit him in leftover Gossamer (mohair/silk) and alpaca. He looks funny but he feels divine.

Then I knit a hippo. I know. He doesn't look like a hippo. The eye placement, the stuffing, it's all slightly off. He's still cute but everyone at my retreat thought he was a whale.

I have a Cat in Pajamas that's all done except its nose and a yak that needs ears and horns. Then on to a unicorn!

November 10, 2013

More Stashbusting Hats, Badly Lit

I was making a hat for charity with some leftover Evento from this hat. Then Wes lost his hat so it became his new hat.

This one, knit in some Noro Retro oddballs, has already been donated.

I could knit plain hats forever. They're my bliss.

November 9, 2013


Pattern: Maize by tincanknits
Yarn: Classic Elite Lush dyed at Earthhues with cochineal
Needles: US6 Addi Turbos
Notes: Great, simple free pattern. The yarn, sadly discontinued, is so warm and fuzzy. These were donated.

November 8, 2013

Tiny Burger

Pattern: Tiny Burger by Anna Hrachovec
Yarn: Cascade Heritage (all included in the kit)
Needles: US1 Crystal Palace DPNs
Notes: This little sucker was so much fun to make. I love showing him off to people. They can't help but smile. He is adorable.

November 7, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

The economy, as we all know, is still rocky. Diversification can protect you from financial ruin.

Like if your knitted hat business fails, you have your amateur porn to pay the bills.
Pay that heating bill, honey. Your lips are turning blue.

October 30, 2013

And I'm Off

I'm heading to Port Townsend for my annual knitting retreat first thing tomorrow. There won't be a Thursday post this week so sorry for that. I've finished up a few more charity knits plus a really cute little something. I'll share photos and updates when I get home. Have a great weekend!

October 26, 2013

Charity Knits

I've had the urge to knock out a few quick projects lately. I did a little stashdiving and first came out with some Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Chunky that I bought at the Fort Worden stash sale last year. I did a little Ravelry searching and choose to use Cirilia's Columbia Cowl as inspiration.

Needle: US15
Notes: I cast on 65 stitches and did K2, P2 ribbing around and around and around. This was my "knitting while walking project." It worked well because the pattern is offset by one stitch on each round due to casting on an odd number of stitches. So my mantra while I walked and knitted was "different, same, different same." Meaning when I would knit two, purl two over purl, knit two, purl from the previous round so my first knit would be above a purl (different) and my second knit would be above a knit (same). It's silly but it kept me on track with my pattern and kept my walking pace up too!

Then I grabbed a bunch of worsted scraps and made yet another helix stripe hat.

Needles: US5 and US7
Yarns: Dream in Color Classy, Rowan Kid Classic, Dale Hauk and Heilo and whatever else I found that was around the same size.
Notes: I love these. I've knit a zillion and I could keep knitting them forever. They just satisfy my stashbusting soul like no other project.

And lastly another hat.

Pattern: Cranberry Sauce by Brittany Tyler
Yarn: Rowan Cork (I got this as a membership gift in 2004!)
Needle: US9
Notes: My yarn was a bit smaller than the original yarn in the pattern but I didn't care since it's for charity. It came out to a child size or small adult. Nice little pattern.

October 24, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

Did someone call the Puffy Floral Spaceman?

Here's here to save you from fashion that makes sense or seems reasonable.

He's joined by his partner, Mardi Gras Float Man.

And their trusty sidekick, Gaudy Picnic Blanket Boy.

Fashion Avengers unite!

October 21, 2013

Knitting on TV

I was staying up way too late last weekend watching Prime Suspect (season 2). A moment passed that I simply had to capture to share with you.

I hope none of you feel this way about your knitting.

October 17, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

What? Why? Who? How?????


October 11, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

Okay, guys. I have a really good excuse for why I'm late this week. Instead of blogging last night I was knitting. I'm *this close* to finishing my Rorschach. 

Sometimes the tail tells the tale. This is not a happy dog.

In fact, I imagine this dog is frequently unhappy.

The dog's body language in this shot actually says, "What the hell is this?"


Thanks to Janet E. who keeps sending me the most amazing things!

October 3, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

Fashion is always turning things on its head. For instance you've probably heard mullet hairdos described before as "business in the front, party in the back." In this case the short hair in the front of a mullet is the business side while the long, flowing locks in the back represent the party.

Now let me rock your world.

Business in the front...

Party in the back.

Did I blow your mind? You're welcome.

September 28, 2013

FO and WIP Roundup

I had a pile of FOs waiting to be photographed for ages. I finally pulled out the camera and, in typical Seattle fashion, the sky turned completely black. Here's the best I could do.

This is a hat knit from some of my first hand-dyed fiber. I think it's Coopworth. The pattern (loosely followed and not easily visible here) is Bobcap.

Here is one of my helix-stripe hats knit in bulky artyarn I spun in a class with Jacey Boggs several years ago at Madrona.

I knit this hat with some leftovers from my latest Retro Prep sweater knit in Dale Falk. The sweater still needs blocking and has some ends to weave in.

This cowl is called Solstice. It's by Janel Laidman. I got it as a kit with a skein of Lorna's Laces Sportmate a few years ago at TNNA. It's coming out, I recently noticed, impossibly small. Hmm...

I started a cowl that is simple enough to knit while walking with some Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Chunky. The pattern, Columbia Cowl, is by Cirilia Rose. It's free on Ravelry.

I am making some good progress on my Rorschach that I started by in August. Though there are still miles of garter stitch to go.