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December 22, 2003

One Sleeve

Here's the first sleeve of Rosedale United done. As you can see I just cast on for the second sleeve. I rifled through my 11 skeins of yarn to find one that starts at the same color as my first sleeve to try to get them to match. I came close but they're still going to be different. I can't wait to get the sleeves done and out of the way to start on the body. I'm dying to see that intarsia rectangle. God, I'm such a knitting nerd.

I had my own knitting clinic today. A friend came over for help on her Booga Bag. She was stuck at picking up the stitches around the bottom rectangle. She'd never done it before. I took the knitting to show her and we realized that she's a picker and I'm a thrower. I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to properly pick up the stitches, with a twist to prevent a gaping hole, in the continental style. I did a Google search but couldn't find it. So she just did it in the American style and then switched back to continental once the stitches were picked up. But I kept telling her that the great thing about that project is that felting hides a multitude of sins.