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January 24, 2004


I still haven't felted my BOC. I can't decide if I should rip the brim and reknit it. I was combining the original and newer versions. I made my brim with a double strand of yarn in stockinette with two rows of purling and cast off purlwise. It doesn't roll. I've blocked it a bit and it's nice and flat and looks good. I'm worried about the waviness problem a lot of other bloggers have dealt with. I did a Google search under "bucket chic wavy brim" and got a slew of hits. I think I should rip it and reknit it with a single strand and use the same stitch pattern but you know how much I like to rip... I'm working on building enthusiasm for the project.

The felted tote is coming along nicely. I've completed the bottom and the front. I just started the back last night.

I don't think I'll be getting too much knitting in over the next few days. We move back in to our house on Wednesday.