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January 5, 2004

The Day I Actually Had

Today I was supposed to drop the kids off with some friends and go see Mystic River with my husband. We were going to indulge in the supreme luxury of having brunch by ourselves after the movie. Then I was going to meet a friend and help her with her Booga Bag.

What actually happened was the my husband came down with a migraine. I went to see Peter Pan alone (sitting next to a very large, very peculiar man). Then I met up with my husband for brunch (he was feeling better) and found out that my friend couldn't make it today. I still took the opportunity to go to a LYS before hitting the insanely crowded grocery store.

The last few times I've gone to a yarn store I always have a mental list of all the things I want to check. Patterns to look at, yarn to fondle, needles to buy. Then I walk across the threshold and my mind goes blank. I can't even remember the patterns I'm yarn-shopping for. I did take a little time today to look at some Rowan pattern books and to scan the Debbie Bliss Tweed Collection pattern book. The Tweed Collection has the Biker Jacket pattern for which Kerstin is doing a knitalong. They had a sample of the Biker Jacket knit up in the shop. It's cute but it's just not me.

I picked up my Vegan Fox again today and decided that I hated what I had done so far. I frogged it and started over. Now I think I'll finish it in a few days. I just wasn't enthused by it before because it looked more like a knit beaver tail. Now it looks a little more foxy.

I'm happily wearing my Rosedale sweater today. We are having a very bad cold snap by Seattle standards. It's currently 20ยบ. Brrrr. But this sweater is keeping me toasty warm. Almost a little too warm. After two mugs of coffee at brunch I had to take it off for a while. But still I'm thrilled with it and my five year old keeps saying, "Mommy, you look beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful in your sweater."