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January 29, 2004

House Beautiful

I'm moved and back online!
There are boxes everywhere. It will honestly take months, if not years, to get everything unpacked and stowed somewhere. I've got pictures of the house from the night before we moved in. It's empty except for some props that the contractor brought over for a photo shoot of his own. There were a lot of boring photos of empty rooms so I'm just going to show you what you really want to see--the kitchen and bathrooms.

Here is my ridiculously large kitchen.

Here is my lovely new bathroom.

There is an alternate view here.

Here's the den.

Here's the boy's bathroom.

In the midst of all this, I've got a terrible cold and have completely lost my voice. I've only been able to produce a horrible, raspy whisper for the last few days. I told DH I was the hoarse whisperer. He nodded and smiled. As I said before, he's a good sport.

Very little knitting to report. I've gotten a little further up one side of my mitered-square tote.

Also a woman who works at the grocery store stopped me tonight to ask about my Booga Bag. I talked to her about it a little bit. She said she hasn't knit since she was a little girl but that my bag was so cute she was going to pick it up again.