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February 4, 2004

Oh Happy Day

I had a great day today. I'm finally starting to feel better. My kids were on relatively good behavior (despite a report from school that my 5 year dropped his pants not once but four times during music class). And I got this in the mail.

It's a gift from Mariko from Chocosphere. I told her I couldn't possibly deserve it but I'll take it anyway! The little tin has these teeny weeny cubes of chocolate covered hazelnut espresso praline. Quite possibly my most favorite food on Earth. And as a bonus, my husband is allergic to hazelnuts so they're all mine! Mine, I say!!!!! There is a typo (please let it be a typo) on the label of these which states that they are 220 calories a serving with 115 grams of fat. I am assuming (praying) that it was supposed to be a mere 15 grams. Please, please, please...

And this came today too.

Ten skeins of Kidsilk Haze in Toffee. I got it on eBay for a song. I want to make Birch and Softly (the tuck-stitched pillow in Rowan 34). Am I insane or just stupid?

I finished this.

It's the Bottoms Up! BOC. Bonne Marie isn't kidding when she says this flies off your needles. If you want a cool hat in a hurry hustle over to ChicKnits.

I can't felt it yet. I need a new object to block it on. I blame my somewhat oddly shaped BOC on a bad choice for blocking. Actually it didn't turn out too bad.

I have all the parts of my homemade, crappy blocking board under one roof now. Maybe I'll get to Banff tomorrow.