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March 20, 2004

Field Trip!

The Purlygirls went to Churchmouse Yarns & Teas today. We got to spend the time on the ferry to Bainbridge Island knitting and catching up. Then we walked over to the shop. They even had "Welcome Purlygirls" on the sign out front. We oohed and ahhed and touched everything and wiped out the sale shelf. We bought lots of yarn. I maintained self-control and just picked up a cable needle and some oddballs of All Season Cotton at 40% off. (I will use it on some more afghan squares for myself. I have one made already so I should have a completed afghan by 2010 at the earliest.) Some of the nicest discoveries were the Mountain Colors (love these colors!) Merino Ribbon. This is the softest and prettiest ribbon yarn I have ever seen. It is just lovely. And the yardage is great too. Just 4 skeins to make a woman's raglan sweater. One of the Purlygirls got some. I looked longingly into her shopping bag for the rest of the afternoon. Another lovely find is Nature Cotton. It's very similar to Manos Del Urguay Stria except with more texture. And it comes in great colors. With our purchases the lovely folks at Churchmouse let us each select a gift. We could choose from point protectors, Earl Gray candies, cedar balls or a Churchmouse tea bag caddy. I picked a caddy.

We grabbed lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant and then went back to Churchmouse to sit around and knit. They have one large worktable in the front of the shop. We all settled in to work and they brought us little cups of tea and cookies! We took the ferry home. Sadly I had to go right home because we were babysitting for friends tonight. Some Purlygirls got to go out to my favorite tea house and knit and talk some more.

My Shapely Tank is progressing nicely. I have about a foot done of the front. Unfortunately I realized that in my whole short row/wrap/frog angst I only did three short row wraps on each side instead of six. Oh well, I'm not frogging this whole thing for a little more shaping along the bottom.