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March 4, 2004

Was Photoshop Designed by Mutant Alien Freaks on Crack?

Who came up with this crap? Oh man. I just got Photoshop 5 for Dummies from the library today. I also started contemplating hosting a knitalong for the Shapely Tank today. Seemed like a good time to try out Photoshop to create a simple button. I made a mock-up earlier in the day in Publisher. It took about 5 minutes and looked great. In Photoshop it looked great and I could export it as a .gif file but it took me 90 freakin' minutes! "Want to resize an image? Ah yes! The "transform" command." What the?? Really, does this program make sense intuitively to anyone (possibly excluding the designer)?

Okay, shake it off.

Here is the fruit of my labor (with lots of cursing!).

For a more vintage flair I made this one.

I see now that the font is hard to read and the buttons are two different sizes. Back to the drawing board. Perhaps in a week or year or something I will wring out a banner for my blog. Perhaps not.

I worked a few rows on the GE cardi while waiting for my husband at a restaurant tonight. I drew quite a lot of stares. You'd think I'd pulled out a wheel and started spinning. Sheesh. I did see something a little alarming as I sat, knitting and waiting. My table was next to the window facing Market Street in Ballard (for those of you who have never visited Seattle, please use your imagination). I thought I saw a cat go by which I thought was a little odd on such a busy street. Then I realized that what I saw was a huge raccoon limping down the sidewalk! It paused and considered making a dash across the street but then thought the better of it and continued it's wounded way down the street. I thought that was downright strange.

I worked a tiny bit on the No-Sweats. I've got about 29" done on the first front. I also finally ordered yarn for Rogue. I decided on Mission Falls Wool in Thyme.

Dee Dee is making hers in Pistachio. It looks awesome.

Okay, I'm beat. If this makes absolutely no sense blame Photoshop.