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April 9, 2004

Banner Day

I had a great knitting day today. I met two other knitters for coffee this morning for a few hours while the boys were at soccer camp. We knit, we chatted. It was lovely. I got to meet Amy. And baby Claire. She slept the whole time allowing her mom time to work on her Audrey for the Audrey Knitalong. I decided not to bring my Shapely Tank since I had only a few inches left to go on the straps and wanted to keep it with the front piece to make sure they matched up. Ditto for the left front of the GE Cardi. What's a girl to knit? I cast on for Lottie. It is going so fast. After knitting on 5s and 4s, knitting All Seasons Cotton on 7s is just flying. I'm almost through the first skein.

When I got home I finished the straps on the Shapely Tank. I barely pinned the front and back together and asked my five year old to take my photo.

Please note that I never intend to wear this over a shirt again. Particularly a big, boxy shirt. But I just wanted to be sure that generally it would fit. And it will. Now I'm torn between wanting to seam and finish knitting it immediately and waiting to do anything else until I take my Finishing for the Finicky class in May.

In the meantime, I also cast on for the Broadripple knitalong. I want to learn how to knit on two circulars. Here is where I am right now.

I messed it up the first time. I just didn't quite fully understand the two circulars process. The second time I had to put it down to check on my son's birthday cake and I didn't divide the stitches properly. I think I have it now and need to just sit somewhere and work on it without trying to bake and read email at the same time.

Things are picking up over at the Shapely Tank Knitalong blog. Join us!