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April 25, 2004

A Day of Knitting

I spent my entire day knitting. I took Nancy Bush's Discovering Estonian Knitting workshop today from 10-4:30. I came home and kept working on my sampler bag until I finished it.

I learned so many new techniques. The sampler begins with a Kihnu Troi cast on which is a lovely braided cast on. It was pretty easy to learn and makes such a special edge. Then we learned Nupp, or button, stitch. It's an unusual (to me) slip stitch technique that makes little decorative nubs. (The nupps and Vikkel braid are really hard--okay, impossible--to see in this photo. I'll try to get a better shot tomorrow with some day light.) Then there is a traveling stitch of Vikkel braid, followed by some basic color knitting. Nancy is a thrower (yay!) and demonstrated two color knitting carrying both colors in her right hand. I only fiddled with it for a few minutes and didn't quite get the hang of it. I went back to one color in each hand just to get through that section. The next technique was the two color traveling stitch braid. I had a really hard time with this. It turned out I was doing it right. I just thought I was making some mistake and ripped it out several times. This technique has a lot of pop and has a really crisp edge. The twisted braid is done basically by braiding the three yarns and using slipped stitches to secure them. It's very simple but slow and there is no knitting involved. It also makes a great accent which stands out nicely from the knitting. Then there's the Kihnu Vits which creates yet another braid. This also creates a small bit of patterning above and below it. The large star design was created using Roositud patterning. I'm not really sold on this technique since it seems like a lot of trouble and could just as easily be accomplished with a needle. And lastly I cast off using two colors which creates still another braided effect. Whew. I'm tired. My wrists are really sore from this knitting workout but it was a great class. It was well organized and the hand outs are clear and informative. I think much of the information is in Nancy's three books. She also showed a fringing technique but we all, Nancy included, deemed it a little too 70s. So I skipped it.

Oh yeah. The Fiber Gallery called. I got the job.