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April 14, 2004

Sherbet Ripple

It seems like most knitbloggers are not content to call a pattern by it's given name. They rename them to claim them and make them their own. I think I'm too lazy for that. In a half-hearted effort to create a unique title for my current socks I came up with Sherbet Ripple. Thrilling, isn't it? Why can't I come up with cute names like Pumpkin Fluff or Roguesberry? Ah well.

Sherbet Ripple is growing rapidly. This sock is fun to knit. I love working on two circulars. I was up past one last night turning the heel. I couldn't put the damn thing down all day.

I finished the back of Lottie and am 40 rows into the front. It looks pretty grey and dull in the photos. I'll try to find a way to make it look more exciting.

And come up with a cool name.