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May 25, 2004

Cursed No More

As you can see, Lottie/Nottie (Thanks for the new name, Alison) is complete. It's not the form-fitting pattern from the book but it's a great slightly oversized kicking around sweater. And I needed one of those.

Yesterday was a great day. My oldest son (6) woke up very early and A) didn't wake me, B) got ready by himself and C) made and packed his own lunch for school! I took this all as good omens for the day. I went to the gym and got a really great work out. I came home and made a batch of low fat hummus and had a feast of veggies. I spent the day at home with my younger son playing and finishing Lottie/Nottie. Did you know you can play Cariboo and weave in ends at the same time? You can. My older son had a playdate after school so I was home relatively undisturbed from noon until five. It was bliss.

Then I was off to Stitch 'N Bitch with the Purlygirls. It was another fun evening of chatting and knitting. I worked on the first sleeve for Rosy. Although I was having some sort of mental block with row counting and spent most of the night counting and recounting and muttering under my breath.

I cast on for the first sock from the Six Sox Knitalong (it's really worth clicking this link to see what may be the best photo of animals and knitting in the history of the universe) last night too. The sleeves for the GE Cardi have outgrown my purse and I need a new take-along project.