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May 31, 2004

Extreme Knitting

The Purlygirls had an "extreme knitting" day today. I had to skip Phase 1: Brunch. While the 'girls brunched I went to the Seattle International Film Festival to see Wes's film. After the screening I met up with the 'girls in Volunteer Park for Phase 2. We worked there for a while but a very strong and chilly breeze made us flee to a Mexican restaurant (Phase 3). I finished the sleeves (at last!) for the GE Cardi last night so I spent the day knitting the first sleeve to Rosy. At six, we moved on to Phase 4--Church of Craft at Re-Bar. It was a neat group of crafters but the dark, dank, smokey location left me cold. So we moved on to Phase 5, El Diablo, and knit there until they kicked us out after 11. Then I went home and wove in all my ends on my Shapely (Optional Phase 6).

I managed to finish only one sleeve. I realized after two hours of knitting at Re-bar that I had forgotten two decreases back at La Cocina. So I spent my first twenty minutes at El Diablo ripping back. I literally cast off the last stitch as they were flashing the lights and putting the chairs up on the tables at El Diablo.

Tomorrow is another crazy knit-filled day. I put together a little Purlygirl family picnic during the day. Then there's the regular Purlygirl knit-together in the evening. Hopefully I'll get the other sleeve for Rosy done and get the girl all seamed up. The I can do a big Rosy/Shapely photo shoot. Shapely fits pretty darn well. Hooray. It's not the shapeless sack I feared it would be.