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June 8, 2004

Don't Hold Your Breath

Thanks for all the encouraging words about Birch. Don't check back too often for progress because it will probably take me the better part of a decade to finish it.

Rosy is finally seamed. I'm not crazy about my seaming job. The shoulders in particular still don't look great. I gave it a bit of steam and blocked it a bit. I still need to weave in the ends. The worst part was I couldn't watch Nowhere in Africa because it's subtitled and it's the only film I have right now from Netflix. I had to watch regular tv. It was awful. I love my ReplayTV. I haven't had to sit through commercials in a very long time. Man, TV sucks, doesn't it?

I finally picked up my poncho long enough to finish the first half. I also worked a few inches on my first Cloverleaf Rib sock. I'm suddenly feeling like I have too many projects going at once and I can't decide what to work on when. My plan right now is to keep my sock in my purse, Sam for semi-mindless knitting, Birch for challenging knitting and the poncho for absolutely brainless knitting. The GE Cardi is still waiting for its fuzzy pink yarn to make its way here from Canada along with my cotton angora. Some day, some day. I will try to seam the Cardi though bit by bit so it won't feel like such a drag.