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June 12, 2004

Quick Picture Update

Here's my progress on Cloverleaf.

I cast on and started knitting the second one during my seminar this morning.

Last night after dinner I cast on for a Baby Broadripple. I finished it late last night. It's cute as a bug's ear. Here it is with Cloverleaf to give you a sense of the size.

Unfortunately they take more yarn than I guessed. I had hoped to make a pair from my Broadripple leftovers. Once I finished this one I was left with enough yarn for only a quarter of a second sock. So if anyone has about 6-8 grams of Elann Esprit Print in color #9904 Summer Meadow, let me know. These are nice little gifts for people that you know who are having babies that you don't feel close enough to to make an entire sweater. They're quick, they're cute, they're inexpensive.