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June 30, 2004

Sex and the City and Sex and the Knitty

I had a night full of sex. I got Amy's email about the new Knitty going live just as I was heading upstairs to watch the last disk of the first part of the last season of Sex and the City. I immediately rushed to the site to ooh, ahh and giggle over the new designs.

Kate Gilbert's Mon Petit Chou struck me as particularly (insert Samantha's nasal tone here) fabulous. I wrote to her right away to tell her I loved it and also complain lament that it was not written for those of us who are larger up top. She wrote back to me like a shot that I could add a repeat if needed and that she could help me if I ran into trouble. Is that service or what?

I really like this issue of Knitty because while it had some of the patterns I imagined it would, it didn't have any of the ones I was fearing. I don't think I'll be casting on the 400 stitches to make Hush any time soon but I think it's a very sweet pattern. 302 Calories is a very witty design--and it's knit with chopsticks.1930 also appeals to me a great deal but, again, it's not for my body.

So I really want to try Mon Petit Chou. Now if only I could get my butt to look like this.