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July 17, 2004

Bad Hoodoo

Yesterday I had some kind of knitting hex on me, I think. I spent most of the day working on the left front of Sam. The patterns in the Cotton Angora book have been a dream so far. I've made Lottie, Lola and Rosy without a hitch. The patterns were clear with no errors. Just lovely. Left Front Now on Sam I found one error (I think) and the pattern is written very clearly--almost line by line--until I got to the really tricky part. Then it says,
"Keeping the armhole edge straight, cont decreasing and increasing to travel ribs as set on next 10 right side rows."
Now hold up there, Missy. You've held my hand this far. Don't bag out on me now.

I did what I thought Ms. Bliss was indicated and ended up with something that resembles the sweater in the book. But it's not pretty. It's not neat. I reworked sections over and over. I laddered down and worked them again. Finally, I finished the front. I laid it out and it looked so awful that I whipped the needle out of my work and was about to start ripping it when I realized I was looking at the wrong side. So I flipped it back over. Oh, that's better. But still kind of blechy. Blech! I cast off but left it attached to the ball of yarn in case I want to rip it out and try again. I'm going to make the right front and see how it all looks together before I make a final decision. Then I tried to cast on for the right side (I said tried). Now this is where the hex part comes into play. Screwing up a vague instruction is one thing. But screwing up casting on? Have mercy. I had to cast on three (yes, three) times to get the yarn amount right for my long tail cast on. Then I started knitting in k2, p2 rib and kept screwing it up! I couldn't see where I was screwing it up and concluded finally that I must have cast on the wrong number of stitches or had been suffering from a voodoo curse. So I pulled it off the needles while cursing wildly and put it aside.

Then I did all the finishing on the Fiesta Tea Set. It's blocking right now. Only I just noticed that I didn't make a handle for the tea pot. D'oh!