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July 22, 2004

Taking a Break

I'm very close to finishing the first Waving Lace sock. But today I needed a break. A break from fine yarn and tiny needles that were making my hands cramp. So I rummaged around in one of my many storage bins of yarn and pulled out a bag of cotton yarn that I bought off the clearance racks months ago. I got it to make afghan squares for the . I pulled out my trusty Vogue Knitting and picked out some pattern stitches. Flash forward a few hours later and we have this.

The purple is leftover Cotton-Ease from Lola knit in Brick stitch. It's a super-simple slip-stitch pattern. The pale green is Reynolds Colors knit in a textures chevron. I knit them on size 10s. Just what I needed today.

This evening I went to the Seattle Knitters' Guild. The talk was, frankly, dull. But I did get to fondle the new Noro ribbon yarn and see the new Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton pattern book for Noro. The patterns really didn't thrill me at all. On the other hand, my friend wanted a copy immediately!

After the meeting was over I went to introduce myself to Ryan. I've been reading her blog for some time so it was nice to finally meet her. She joined me, Marti and my friend, Rose, at a coffe shop/book store afterwards for some snacks and more knitting chat. It was a great way to wrap up the night.