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July 26, 2004

Those Special Words

I had so much to blog about yesterday but the fire seemed to eclipse it all. Thanks so much for all the emails and comments.

On Friday I heard the special words I have been waiting to hear. "Mommy, will make me a sock?" My four year old and I were at Nordstrom waiting to try on a pair of shoes. I was working on my Waving Lace sock and my son told me to try it on. For some reason putting an incomplete sock on is a riot to a four year old. Then he asked me to put it on him. Then he asked for his own socks. When we got home I lined up all my sock yarn on the dining room table and told him to pick the one he wanted. What can I tell you? The boy has great taste.

I swatched last night. Then I cast on for Double Trouble. I've knit socks on two circulars before. This is two socks on two circs done toe-up, which I have not done. It was going all right this afternoon except I was getting terrible ladders which I don't get when I use two circs to make one sock. Then at Purlygirls I got distracted and knit onto the wrong needle. I moved the stitches back--I thought--but it was still a mess. After fiddling with it and cursing for fifteen minutes I pulled one sock off and put it on stitch holders. I'm just going to knit them separately. Fortunately my son's  foot is only 6.125 inches long.

On Saturday, several Purlygirls went to the sidewalk sale at Churchmouse Yarn on Bainbridge. Jill wrote about it. And Amy. So I won't rehash it again. I only got two skeins of Kid Classic.

Over the weekend I also made more afghan squares.

Today I took my four year old to the zoo and knit my Waving Lace sock while we meandered around for three and a half hours. I'm 16 rounds from the heel flap on the second sock.

Okay, this is just a brain dump. Not very interesting blogging. I'll be witty tomorrow.