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August 4, 2004

Insomniac Update

I brought graph paper and the Petit Chou pattern to bed with me. I spent about two minutes trying to graph it. Then I realized that, as I suspected, creating a useful graph from this pattern was probably beyond me. So I got out of bed and ripped back two rows, found the two missing yarn overs and knit back through row 14.

I was about to head back to bed but heard helicopters swirling overhead. Since the fire in our neighborhood there has been a string of arsons in the city. I kept hearing sirens and then the helicopters and assumed there were more fires. I turned on the TV but there was nothing about it. So I finally went to bed just before 2 AM.

Kate, the designer of Petit Chou, left me the link to a chart for the pattern at her website. Is that service or what? Thanks, Kate!