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August 17, 2004

Pink Prevails

I finished the knitting on the Flowers to Go tote yesterday. I only had a few rounds left to knit, the straps, closure and the base. I finished it all at Purlygirls. Then I could barely wait to toss in the washing machine.

So here is the first, tragically twisted version.

And here is the properly knit and now felted version.

As Pepe le Pew would say, "She is very cute, no?" I used Lamb's Pride Bulky in Lotus Pink. It took exactly 2 skeins. I literally have about 18 inches of yarn left over. I knit it on 11s as the pattern states and got gauge. However it seemed a little tight for a felting project. I was thinking maybe next time to make it on 13s but the final results were great so I won't change it. I will attempt the needle felting design when I go in to work on Thursday.

I'm also noodling around with some Blossom to make a shop pattern. I'm still working on the gauge.