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August 8, 2004

A Voyage to Lilliput

Diana, a Purlygirl, proposed we make some mini-sweaters to spell out "Purlygirls." I volunteered to make one. I cast on last night using some leftover Regia Cotton Plus. I pulled out Knitting Around and used the Seamless Yoke Sweater as a rough guideline. After Friday night I had part of the body, one sleeve and the start of the other sleeve.

Then last night, while watching Mulholland Dr. (don't get me started on that) I finished the sweater.

The only problem is I forgot to leave live body stitches under the sleeves to graft. I have sleeves stitches but no body stitches. Of course, since this is just a teeny-tiny decorative sweater and there will be no Lilliputian person to wear it, how I handle the armpits doesn't seem like a big deal.

Last night I also finished the first Making Waves sock.

I worked at the shop today. It was dead. It was deader than dead. When I got home Wes pointed out that today was the Blue Angels' show. This is a Seattle tradition and for four days every year traffic gets fouled and noise pollution goes through the roof. I'm surprised I didn't hear them at work. They blast over my house several times when they do their practice runs.

Today I have knitting with the Purlygirls at Le Fournil. Yum!