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September 11, 2004

Build It And They Will Come

I work Thursday nights at The Fiber Gallery. After I get off work I meet a few friends at Essential Baking Company to knit some more. Sometimes I invite knitters from the project class to join us and Purlygirls are always welcome. Well, my goodness. We had about a dozen people this Thursday. It was really great to have a big crowd of knitters and I met Laura of Poor Miss Finch in person.

I don't have any really thrilling project pictures to show you. I have been working on the back of Paula. And I have started Rogue. It took me days to knit the hem facing for Rogue. I don't know why it was so taxing and so slow to knit 2352 stitches through the back loop, but it was. Now I'm moving faster but still not at lightning pace on the front. I knit the first nine rounds while watching Medical Investigation last night. That Neal McDonough. He's got two notes. Intense and calm and intense and manic. The show was mildly irritating in it's oversimplified characters but dammit! I needed to know what turned those people blue.

I'm very pleased with the new Knitty. I always love Knitty even if the designs don't appeal to me. All that work and effort offered up for free. What a generous group of people to do such a thing.

I'm horribly biased about the designs. Purlygirls Jenna and Megan both have designs. I got to watch them work on them and had that secret thrill of knowing a little about what would be in Knitty in advance. What can I say, I'm a knit-groupie. I do think both of their designs are great. Megan's reminds me of Futurama. Jenna's is such an elegant interpretation of an aran. Who knew that you could knit an sweater with cables all over it that would be flattering to your figure? Zig Zag has such a following that there is already a knitalong for it. It's got a matching hat too! Skating Queen makes me smile. Plus it's educational. I didn't know there was a National Museum of Roller Skating?

There were so many articles in this issue. I skimmed them all but I've only had time to read one. Jenna's graceful description and wonderful photos of camp make me ashamed of my fervid, jumbled posts after camp.

I feel a rant coming on about an eBay seller who is trying to extort positive feedback from me. But I'll save it for later. Maybe I'll calm down.