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September 7, 2004

The Film World of Tomorrow

Tonight I saw a preview screening of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. This is one cool flick. It's a B-movie cross between Metropolis, His Girl Friday and Indiana Jones. It's gorgeous and fascinating to look at. The film was created without any sets or backdrops. Everything other than props in the actor's hands was created by computer. The actors worked against blue screens. All the extras were shot by themselves so that they could be individually manipulated in composites. If you're going to see it at all, see it on the big screen. The director was on hand for Q&A. This guy is going to change the way films are made.

I completed my GE Cardi. Finally! When did I finish knitting that thing? March? Ah well. It's still damp from blocking so I can't model it for you yet. Maybe tomorrow. Paula has about four inches of her back now. And I cast on for Rogue. By which I mean that I literally have just cast on. That's it. No knitting yet.

My Kureyon 87 arrived for Butterfly. I've got a few folks signed up for the knitalong. Email me or leave a comment if you'd like to join us. I don't have an official start date for it but I think most of us won't be working on it until October.

I also got my yarn for The Knitty Gritty. It's Trendsetter Blossom. You know, the yarn I was complaining about a week or so ago? That'll teach me.