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September 27, 2004

LA Journey, Part I

We flew into the Burbank airport on Tuesday afternoon. After checking into the hotel we headed for lunch and saw this.

Yes, a Hummer limo. I was in LA.

Tuesday night we went to the LA Stitch 'n Bitch. As I sat sweating in the very, very, very hot coffee shop, all the LA knitters were talking about how it feels like fall and how they had to turn their heat on. Meanwhile I was melting while working on Rogue. The LA group was a very friendly, eclectic crowd. One member, Rhonda, had brought in a Hallowig that she just finished. I got her to model for me.

Wednesday was taping day. Jenna and I had an earlier call time then everyone else. We drove the three blocks to the studio. Jenna had her own dressing room. I didn't but I still got to pose on the chaise. I met Fayla Reiss, the designer for my show and the other two knitsters--Tiffany and Jessica. We were thereafter referred to as Jessica O. and Jessica R. And actually Tiffany was most often referred to as Jessica as well.

We had been told to bring three outfits. I brought four. No one even looked at us before we taped. I had worn my GE Cardi but decided at the last moment to change into something a little cooler. Sadly I didn't plan things well with my *ahem* foundation garments so I had to wear the cardi. Mostly I just sat and knit on a sofa for three hours. They would tell us to talk then tell us to stop.

Once our show finished I got to watch Jenna, Janell, Staci and Jill tape their show.

More photos and details later. My head is killing me.