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September 28, 2004

LA Journey, Part III

Only a post about Hollywood could have two sequels...
I will wrap up all my LA talk. We visited Knit Cafe and Unwind while we were there. I was underwhelmed at the selection (no wool, for example). I didn't see anything new. Knit Cafe was so small I was shocked. But the person working there was very friendly and there were several women hanging out and knitting. Here's the exterior of the store. I was told that pictures are not allowed inside. Hmph!

Unwind was much larger and had a lot more inventory but still it didn't really thrill us. I picked up a copy of the Blue Sky Alpacas Bobbi Bear pattern. The staff at Unwind was also really nice and tried very hard to steer us toward a lunch worth eating in Burbank. Unfortunately, it turns out that this doesn't exist. We ended up having a hurried lunch at Sharkey's Mexican Grill before I was dropped off at the hotel and my traveling companions headed to the airport. I got to hang out at the hotel for a few hours working on Rogue until my dear friend from college, Rob, picked me up.

The next few days involved a lot of eating, catching up and going to museums. I spent the entire day on Friday at The Getty Center. I have wanted to see this new museum since it opened about ten (?) years ago. It was wonderful. I went to see the newest exhibition, Coming of Age in Ancient Greece. It was a very powerful exhibit for me. I found myself feeling very moved to look at a Greek urn and see tiny, delicate brushstrokes made by someone 2500 years ago. Many of the images are from funerary items like urns and tombstones. One depicted a baby boy waving goodbye to his mother as he sailed off to Hades. It brought me to tears. Maybe I was just missing my kids but it was one of those "art transcends all" moments. I instantly related to and sympathized for a Greek woman who lost her child 2500 years ago. It was stunning.

Rob also took me to see some sites downtown including the Bradbury Building. Even without it's great film pedigree, it's a gorgeous building. And we went to Pasadena and took in the Norton-Simon Museum. It's a lovely museum and much larger than I was expecting.

And so concludes my trip to LA.

I will pull out my camera and get some updated photos on my projects. I ran into a bit of trouble on Rogue last night. I'm starting the second side of the neck and got lost on the pattern. I need to just rip back a few rows and start that side again.