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October 26, 2004

Naked Needles

Oh dear, my needles have nothing on!

I finished the back of Paula.

I finished my first Fluted Banister.

And I finished the left front of Butterfly.

Check out how crazy the Kureyon is. The sleeve skeins had no blue or turquoise in them.

I haven't completely decided how long the sleeves are going to be. I'm going to knit the rest of the sweater first then decide and finish the cap shaping.

I'm casting on the left front for Paula right now. I'll cast on for the right front for Butterfly this afternoon.

Mona asked about the yarn requirements for Butterfly while she waits for her pattern. Extra-Small (32-34), 11 skeins; Small (34-36), 12 skeins; Medium (36-38), 13 skeins; Large (38-40), 14 skeins. The yarns suggested are Noro Kureyon, Shinano or Silk Garden.