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October 30, 2004

When I got in to work on Friday, the phone rang. The customer on the line was asking about navy Silky Wool. It sounded kind of familiar.

"Is this Laura?"

Yes, it was. Small knitting world.

Then she surprised me further by showing up at Essential Baking for my weekly hang-out-and-knit-after-I-get-off-work knit-together. Marti and Molly were there too. It was a big group and we had a lovely time as always.

I brought home the Madeira kid's top-down raglan that I had started at work last week. I never have much time to knit in the shop. I finished it last night.

I made the one year old size but I didn't swatch. My gauge ended up smaller than I expected so this is more of a 12 month (and no more) size. It doesn't matter since it's just a shop sample. I still have tons of the yarn. It's 417 yards in a skein. I'm a third of the way through a little hat too. I'll probably have enough for matching mittens also.

I've also started a shop sample scarf from Silk Garden in a eyelet and chevron pattern that I "made up." I had the thought working on Butterfly to make a similar pattern but add some yarnovers to make it lacy. And I wanted to use different decreases. I wrote down the pattern and knit up a swatch with some Kureyon when I got home. It wasn't symmetrical so I changed a few more things and knit it up again. I really liked it. But it also started to look a little familiar. I pulled out the pattern for Mon Petit Chou and realized that they had some bits in common, mainly the slip 2 stitches, knit one, pass slip stitches over decrease (Is there a good abbreviation for this one? s2kpsso?) flanked by eyelets. I'll still knit it and write it up as a free shop pattern since it's just a two-row pattern. I've also had some interest in the neon lime hat with the giant cables pattern. The yarn's been selling since I brought in the hat. I'll need to take a look at the hat again and figure out what I did.