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November 19, 2004

Die, Fluted Banister, Die

Oh this sock. It seems like it's been taking forever. Because I never work on it. Because I don't like it. The pattern is simple. A very basic four-row repeat. So simple, in fact, that it bores me to tears. But since it changes every row, I can't just zone out and hammer away on it. I have to pay attention. I hate having to pay attention. I have less than two inches on the foot and then the toe left to knit. I keep bringing it places and leaving the rest of my knitting home in an effort to force myself to finish it.

My Butterfly sleeve and Big Sack sleeve are moving along. I think I'll knit the body next for the Big Sack instead of the second sleeve--just for a change of pace. I'm going to babysit for a friend tonight so there will be a lot of undisturbed knitting time.

I had a brush with knitting fame at work yesterday. I rang up a sale for a customer. We were chatting about the joys of owning a ball winder a swift. I was about to ask if she was planning on doing some lace knitting when she handed me her check and I went to check her ID.

Evelyn Clark. Yes, this Evelyn Clark. And this one. And this one. I kind of sputtered and said something very composed like, "It's... you!" I told her that I knit her Waving Lace socks and we chatted a bit. I've seen at Knitting Guild meeting before but never talked to her. She's very sweet. So that was the highlight of my day yesterday.