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November 8, 2004


I saw knit.1 at Barnes and Noble on Saturday. It's small like a comic book or those teenage versions of magazines. The articles and products in the front were vaguely interesting but I'd seen it all before on the blogs. And the patterns? Here is what I thought as I looked at them.
"Oh no."
"That's nasty."
"Nasty, nasty, nasty."
"Oh, dear God!"
You get the idea. The magazine is sponsored by Lion Brand and every pattern uses Lion Brand yarn. That's right. More Fun Fur than you can shake a stick at. I'm sure if I was a 13 year old beginning knitter I would think it was awesome.

Speaking of teen knitters, the Seattle Knitter's Guild held a special talk and book signing last night with Jennifer Wegner, author of Teen Knitting Club. The book looks nice. I didn't buy one to get it autographed. I'm cheap that way. I was a little put off by Jennifer. She came across as pretty arrogant. She said things like, "I can just look at someone and know their measurements and know exactly how to make a sweater that will fit them perfectly." I imagined her using Terminator vision to scan her customers for their measurements. I've met a few true knitting goddesses and they all seemed a lot more gracious and modest. Maybe Jennifer was tired after all the touring, signing and talking. She's pregnant with her third child. Poor thing.

I have updated photos of Paula and Butterfly if you're interested. I just laid out all the pieces that I've finished so far into sweater-like shapes. I've made a lot of progress on both sweaters since I snapped these pictures last night.

There's a new webring for Asian Knitters. Since I'm only Asian by marriage, I don't think it would be appropriate to join. I think they're welcoming Asian knitters and knitters in Asia.

Lastly, Theresa has finished her Butterfly! Go have a look at all it's loveliness.

*Like my title, doesn't it sound more fancy than "odds and ends?" Thank goodness for thesauruses (or thesauri, both are correct--love dictionaries too!).