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November 22, 2004

Noise Pollution

I am going insane. Evil developers have torn down the lovely 100 year old house next door to mine to build bland, awful townhomes. If this isn't bad enough, we are now a week into the "pounding 12 foot long metal tubes into the ground" period. There is a massive machine (like a fork-lift with a 20 foot high jackhammer) that mercilessly pounds these pipes into the ground. They start promptly at 7 am each morning and this morning they were right outside my kitchen window. My teeth were rattling;my ears drums were throbbing;I wanted to kill someone. So I took my son out to lunch. I'm hoping I can bill the contractor for it.

I'm half-way to the armpits on the Big Sack (one sleeve is also done). I put the second sleeve to Butterfly in my purse and knocked off maybe a dozen rows this afternoon.