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November 13, 2004

Ribby Cardi Madness

You may have noticed in the knitting blog world lately that everyone is buying Highland Wool from Elann to make the Ribby Cardi. I was going to make a list of who had blogged recently about it. Then I thought it would be easier to write a list just of the knitbloggers who aren't planning on making a cardi. Then I went back to my original plan. So here is what an inquisitive mind, a Google search and ten minutes on a Saturday morning (why won't the children let me sleep?) turns up.

Absinthe Knits
Action Hero
Amped Disposition
daily zen
dear sir or ma'am
Everybody Love Saturday Night
Froggy Knits
half baked
Just Another Day
In The Pink
Keyboard Biologist
Knit This
Knitmeister (Using Cascade 220)
Knitting and Other Stuff
Knitting-Sushi in AZ
Lanam Facio
Much Ado About Knitting
Purls of Wisdom
Super Eggplant
sweet georgia
Take Back the Knit

***Just Added***
Crayonbrain's Knitting Drivel
Stitch Marker
Clever Lefty
One More Row and Another Latte

It looks like there will be a knitalong.

And the reason I haven't posted about getting some Highland Wool yet is because I already have this in my stash from the last time Elann had it. I was going to make a striped cardigan but since I know have yarn for the Retro Prep it seems redundant. Will I make a Ribby Cardi myself? I don't know yet.