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November 6, 2004

Show Time

Wes's co-workers love karaoke. They do it at a real dive bar near their office almost every Friday night. We went once a few months ago. I didn't sing. I'm a little afraid to sing in public. I have no confidence in my singing voice. So last time I sat and watched. A few people were very good. Most of them sucked. A lot. But they had fun so it was fun to watch. A few people, like a very drunk man trying to sing Devo's "Whip It," were actually painful to watch. We decided to get a sitter and go again last night. And I decided to sing (now that I understand just how low the bar is set). I picked a song that I knew by heart, adore and is under two minutes long. I sang "Fell In Love with a Girl" by the White Stripes (if you've never watched the video, check it out). I guess I did a pretty good job. There was a lot of cheering and compliments when it was over. Wes and I wanted to do a duet and we put in two--"Don't You Want Me" by Human League and "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)" by the Offspring. We got called up but the hostess didn't tell us what song it was and we both assumed it was Human League. We were both pretty thrown when "Give it to me, baby!" started blasting. My last solo bit was singing another song that I absolutely knew by heart. I also decided to stick to songs sung by men since I have a pretty low voice and didn't want to crack reaching for a high note. I sang "Born to Run" by the Boss. I think Wes was surprised I could sing. He's been married to me for over 10 years but I think he started to believe me when I say I can't really sing.

I also took my six year old to a matinee of The Incredibles right after school. I loved the movie. It was witty, zany and had a great visual style. But it's long. Really long for a kid's movie. 115 minutes. Long. I would really not recommend this for little kids. There's action, violence, guns, plane crashes, and a lot of the plot and jokes are pretty sophisticated. After about 100 minutes all the kids started to squirm. But it's a great movie so go see it. Just leave the little ones at home.

I've got about six inches of the back of Butterfly done, a few inches of my second Fluted Banister sock and the ribbing of the remaining front of Paula. I keep telling myself I should just buckle down and finish up Paula just to cross it off the list. And to justify starting a new project. But I'm so drawn to Butterfly and it's waving chevrons and my dear, sweet Kureyon. I had to run out today to get three more skeins to finish the sweater. The first ten were off of eBay. I was awfully lucky though. The colorway, #87, is discontinued. But I still managed to find some at Acorn Street and it was from the same dye lot! Not that it matters with Kureyon. But still.

I'll try to post some progress shots tomorrow. Rock on!