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December 19, 2004


The last few days have been really hectic. Friday was kind of a crazed day. With a coffee hour, which I host, at my older son's school, a bowling trip with my younger son's school, a trip to the mall (!), a trip to the grocery store and then the realization that it was an early dismissal day. My son and his friend that I was supposed to pick up had been sitting in the office for 30 minutes while they tried to call me on my cell phone. The battery on my phone was dead so they called Wes who left early to come get them all. We all met up at the school. He wasn't too happy with me. Then I was invited to see the new home of a wonderful knitting friend so I ran way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay south in Seattle to visit with her until 8, then ran back home to get changed for a formal party!

Then yesterday I worked from 10-5, went straight to a birthday party for a friend and then went straight to a friend's house to babysit. I left my home at 9:45 am and came home at 12:45 am. A really, really long day. I was really froggy and starting to cough when I got home. This morning my throat feels pretty bad and I sound awful. I'm working from 12-5 and then we've got Wes's (formal) office holiday party. No karaoke for me tonight, I guess.

While I was babysitting last night I decided not to knit and watch TV. Instead I sat at the dining room table and worked on my Floral Felted Tote. After three and a half hours this is what I have.

The larger view gives a better sense of my life right now.

If you can imagine it, my entire kitchen looks like this with bits of knitting, papers and crap everywhere. Can you believe I've been weaving in ends as I go? And it still looks like this?