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December 24, 2004

Ho, Ho, Zzzzzzzz

Today, while all the world prepared for Christmas, I slept. I stayed up really late last night and when Wes got the call at 8:30 this morning that he did not have to go to work I got to sleep in. And sleep in I did. I woke up when my best friend came by to drop off gifts--at 12:30! I got up for a while. Dropped off some presents and was back down for the count by 2:30. I slept on the sofa covered in stuffed animals and one live beagle until it was time to take the kids out for dinner. And I'm still tired. I'm not sure how this is physically possible but there it is.

I did finish the dolls.

I hated making these. They are fiddly and require lots of sewing of tiny parts. Blech. I won't be making any more of these.

I knit with Marti last night and she gave me the world's cutest mittens.

Second only in cuteness to the mittens Stephanie finished yesterday in her epic knitting marathon.

Hope everyone has a merry little Christmas.