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December 28, 2004


Grrrrr...I've knit something monstrous all right. I finally figured out what the heck the monster slipper pattern is supposed to say. However, I failed to actually knit it correctly. I ripped back to the sole last night after reading all the posts at the Stitch 'n Bitch forum. But I must have started again at the wrong spot because after working about seventy-eight thousand short row wraps I finally bound off my slipper this morning (I gave up on finishing around 2 am last night) and discovered that the whole thing is completely off center. Grrrr... I hate doing stupid things like this. Now I have to rip it out again and do all those short rows again. And then I have to make a second one! Oy vey iz mir. What a pain.

In more successful knitting news, I finished one full pattern repeat while chatting (more like ranting) with other knitters last night. I also finished another afghan square. So some progress is being made here at Rose-Kim Knits. Just not as much as I'd like.