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December 16, 2004

Presents Everywhere

I came home tonight to find the cutest tree in our living room. Wes and the boys bought it and decorated while I was at work. Isn't it sweet?

Then I saw that my Chanukah presents for myself arrived. Yippee! I will definitely not be knitting myself a Cork capelet. So what to do with that lovely yarn?

I finished my teachers' gifts tonight. Flower pins for everyone!

I emailed the creator of the Joey doll with a few questions. She responded quickly on how to attach the hair without losing your mind. She just lay the "hair" across Joey's head and stitched it down the middle with a needle and thread. Duh. I think I was still in fringe mode. I also asked about the optional jacket for Joey mentioned in the book. She told me that it might be offered as a free pattern on the Stitch 'n Bitch site.