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February 27, 2005


Late Friday night I found out that the party we were going to on Saturday had a "Heaven and Hell" theme. I was so disappointed. I told Wes that if I'd known about it sooner that I could have knit Devil hats for us. Well, I was lying in bed thinking about it. I was free to knit on Saturday from around noon, when my class ended, until six, when we were meeting friends for dinner. Six hours...plenty of time to make a hat. Or maybe two?

At work I bought some yarn and an extra pair of needles. I took myself out to lunch and started working on the hat. The first attempt at casting on (long-tail method) ran out of yarn about ten stitches short. So then I did a knitted cast on. Can't run out of yarn that way. I got to knitting feverishly. Everyone around me in the restaurant was asking me what I was doing. Pretty soon they were all watching my progress. Imagine how I felt when I realized, four rows of seed stitch too late, that I had twisted my cast on. I have never done that before. Grrr. Ripped it out and cast on again. Long-tail again because it's faster but I made sure I had about an extra yard of yarn for the tail. At one point the waiter came by and asked, "So is knitting really zen?" "Not right now!" Grrr.

After lunch I went around the corner to meet Supergirl Rebecca and some of her friends. Two more hours of frenzied knitting--fueled by caffeine. I went home to meet up with Wes around 4:30--our friends couldn't make it to dinner after all. I knit, knit, knit until we decided to go get a cup of coffee and see a movie. Knit, knit, knit. I finished the body of the hat while having coffee. Then I finished the first horn standing in line for tickets. I was worried if I didn't have it done before the movie started I wouldn't be able to enjoy the film. (I did enjoy the film very much. A Very Long Engagement. Beautiful movie.) Then we went out for a quick dinner before the party. Second horn complete.

I went to the party. Everyone said, "Great hat!" And I kept saying, "Thanks. I made it this afternoon." That was fun.

Pictures later, I promise.