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February 22, 2005

These Socks are Made for Swapping

Hallelujah! The Sockapalooza Birch Leaf socks are done.

I think they are rather special. I hope the recipient enjoys them.

Today I also finished spinning the roving I dyed last week. As I was plying it, the old leather strap for the con rod broke. Fortunately I bought a maintenance kit last weekend so I just had to grab a screwdriver and replace it. The yarn came out so nicely. I don't know what kind of roving it was (it came with the wheel). It was so nice to spin and is just so silky soft and light spun up. The colors aren't quite as muddy as I feared.

Now my problem is thinking of what I can do with 50 grams (1.75 oz) of sport-weight yarn. I'm thinking a really teeny lace scarf. And I mean really teeny.