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February 19, 2005

Two FO Day

We had a banner night last night at Rose-Kim Knits. I finished my Flower Basket Shawl and my handspun hat. I also ripped out the mistake in my Birch Leaf sock and am back on track.

Here's the shawl fresh off the needles.

And blocking. I chose to just smooth it out and not pin it. It was so much easier and the results are still very nice.

Here she is on.

And here's a close up of the yarn.

This is hand-dyed yarn from Red Barn Farm knit on US7s.

And yesterday I knit up a hat from my own handspun, hand-dyed Coopworth using this pattern.

And the cute decreases.

I was trying to make a child's size to donate to Ryan's Dulaan Project. I guesstimated that my yarn would knit up to 3 sts/inch on US9s and cast on 66 sts for the hat. I also didn't knit the hat as tall for fear of running out of yarn. I can only stomach that once a week. The finished hat just fits my (adult-sized) head but is a smidge short. Sort of beanie-ish. I don't know if I can bear to give it away yet.

And so long as I'm overwhelming you with photos here is a shot of the yarn I'm spinning from the roving I dyed.

Wes turned to me last night and asked, "Is getting a sheep next?"