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March 8, 2005

Have You Any Wool?

Boy howdy, do I! Tonight was the second night of my wheel spinning class. I went to the shop to get some fiber with my class discount. I got Merino, Merino/Tussah silk blend, Merino/Kid Mohair and Tencel (will play with blending this). I also picked up a Lazy Kate and a standard flyer for my wheel. It turns out that the flyer won't work with my uprights (even with new bushings). Did any of you understand that? I will be headed back tomorrow to work on special ordering a standard flyer with uprights. Tonight we got to examine a fleece and learn what to look for when buying one. We learned how to use hand cards (boy, did I have that wrong) and we had a plying demonstration. I spent a lot of time carding and making rolags. I ended up coming home with a huge bag of them. I realized that I already have a fiber stash so large that there is no room left to store anything.

I was all fired up when I got home and (properly) carded some fiber I got off of eBay. It was advertised and clean, picked and dyed but ick! It's still really dirty. And loaded with short cuts and little matted bits of crud. I carded a shoebox full of rolags and spun them up. I think I will sell the yarn. I shall call it "Slubby 'n Fuzzy."

Here are the two latest Dulaan hats. The dark one is Wool-Ease Thick 'n Quick and the peachy one is two mystery acrylics. I just started a new one with the Homespun leftover from my No Sweats.

And how cute are these Phildar knitting bags? And affordable too.