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March 28, 2005

Knitting Math

I've been wondering for a while when knitting a triangular shawl how to calculate what percentage is complete as I go. I mentioned this to Wes and he created an Excel spreadsheet for it. You just need to tell it how many rows your shawl has and then you can see what percentage you've completed. Aren't geeks handy?

My hate-hate relationship with my sewing machine continues. It now will not work at all. I can't draw up the bobbin thread because the sewing thread keeps getting tangled around the bobbin case. When I can pull up the bobbin thread, the sewing thread winds around and around the bobbin case and makes a huge tangled mess. I found the manual in the attic but I still can't figure out why this is happening. This means that Retro Prep's steek is on hold until I can get my sewing issues resolved.

Yesterday I found some Bernat So Soft in my heap o' acrylic that I've been using for Dulaan hats. It seemed enough for an entire baby sweater so I ran over to Knitty and grabbed the pattern for Childhood. Mine is a boring solid color with no hood. I managed to get the back and one front done yesterday.