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March 1, 2005

Status Report

Backyard Leaves: I bound off the first half last night.
Birch: 4.5 rows done. This is a searing pace compared to last time.
Dulaan Project Socks: I started these Saturday morning then threw them over for the Devil hat on Saturday and the bunny on Sunday. They are sad and sitting next to my computer.
I spent all of today's knitting time working on a little Minnowknits hat for the shop in Manos Cotton Stria. Yummy cotton.

Tonight I had my first wheel spinning class. It was okay. It was for beginner's. If I had started the class on the day I signed up it would have been a lot more helpful. I think I need an intermediate class which I've been told won't happen until fall. But I spent a few hours uninterrupted at the wheel spinning Coopworth. That was nice. There's a second class next week.

And here's the second Dulaan project hat I knit.