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April 22, 2005

Feeling Lazy

Boy, do I feel lazy today. Am I still logy from my huge birthday dinner at Geneva last night? I am sun sick from the 80° weather? Or am I worn out from casting on 421 stitches last night for a new project?

Yeah, you heard me. 421. Four hundred and twenty one. Stitches. That I cast on. Last night--and I mean all night. Flush with the success of Birch I wanted to start a new lace project. Then I saw that there's a knitalong for A Gathering of Lace. Well, sign me up! Then I spent quite some time at the Knitter's Guild meeting debating with my friend, Rose, over which project to knit, what yarn I could use (had to be from stash--I've also joined the Stashbusters knitalong), etc. I decided on the Faroese Shawl using Knitpicks's Alpaca Cloud in Mist. I have knit half a row today and I'm all worn out.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!