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April 3, 2005

Knitting With Scissors

After the steeking success of Retro Prep I find myself stalking my other knitting projects, scissors in hand. I think I will steek my Rosedale. I love the sweater but I often find myself thinking that I had wished I made the cardigan version. I'm also toying with creating a sweater for a steeking class at the shop. How does Kureyon Cut Up Cardigan sound? (Or do I need to spell it all with Ks?) In reality I'll probably just show people how to steek on a little swatch. Yawn. Maybe a doll sweater. We'll see.

Last night, my friend Cass had a game night at her house. We played Cranium which I've never done before and Trivial Pursuit which I haven't played in a decade. I still kick ass at TP. I worked on Backyard Leaves while I was there. I'm halfway through the second half of the scarf. I may actually finish it before next winter. We'll see.

Happy Sunday.