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May 22, 2005

At Last

I solved the Sam problem. I can't tell you why exactly this was so hard for me. When it comes to cooking there are two kinds of people, ones who must have a recipe and ones who never use a recipe. I am a great cook but I must have a recipe to work from. It's the same with knitting. You are either a slave to a pattern or you use it as a general guideline and do your own thing. I am a pattern slave. With Sam I was just not understanding a bit of the wording and I kept trying to make sense of the words. Finally, last night I grabbed a photo of Sam and blew it way up on the computer to look at the area I was knitting. I looked at my knitting. I looked at the photo. Then I got it. Then I was able to knit the rest of the front without looking at the pattern. In all I have knit and ripped this area at least four times. I even had to rip again last night because I misplaced a stitch as I neared the top. I will blame that on Carnivale. It's a bit mesmerizing.

So here is the first completed front.

And here's a close up of the troublesome area.